We have produced multilayer and shredding machines since 1985: working width machines from 300 to 1200 mm, working heights from 100 to 300 mm and power from 15 to 300 kw.

How to read our abbreviations: the first number refers to the working width while the other two refer to the cutting height. Example:
420: 400 mm working width, 200 mm cutting height.
615: 600 mm working width, 150 mm cutting height

All of our machines can have tapered roller feed or a spheroidal cast iron carpet and some can be multilayers and raffles at the same time

Mono Shaft Carpet rollers bewegliche Klingen
310 x    
312 x    
412 x x x
415 x x x
515   x x
615   x x
Twin-shaft Carpet rollers
420 x x
425 x x
430 x x
520   x
525   x
530   x
620   x
625   x
630   x