TradeMak Quality

A whole lot of reasons to choose our multi-rip saws

  1. From the smallest to the largest, all our machines are conceived with innovative advanced construction systems.
  2. Special new design, low maintenance belt in SG iron.
  3. The belt is interrupted in the cutting area to avoid damage to the belt itself, one of the most expensive parts of the machine;
  4. Roller feed for high-speed machining
  5. No “gap mark” when cutting with twin-shaft machines
  6. Total operator safety as there are no metal-metal collision points between introducer and belt;
  7. Two splinter guards and a kickback guard in compliance with the latest regulations.
  8. Top of the class for low noise levels: the motor is anchored to a suspended cradle which discharges the motor inertia;
  9. Perfect fabrication guarantees a warp resistant weld-free structure assembled with pins and bolts, practically a bricolage, with total elasticity to absorb all work stresses;
  10. Can be operated from either the top or bottom.
  11. All mechanical parts are easily accessible for simple straightforward maintenance;
  12. Rich control panel for easy safe working;
  13. In-view ammeter to control motor absorption;
  14. Drive inverter to avoid exaggerating the wood-blade ratio, without causing any damage;
  15. Special steel shaft, ground with centesimal precision, balanced at 4000 rpm;
  16. Large diameter shaft to avoid stress to the shaft itself;
  17. Spacer rings made from hard aluminium to avoid rust formation when working damp wood; supply of very thin steel rings to correct the grinding;
  18. Special high-precision anti-unscrewing ring with key for easy opening.
  19. Independent presser with structure anchored on two chromed rods for easy precise operation by means of thick trapezoidal screws and flanged nuts, with hoods to protect from dust and splinters.
  20. The presser group is perfectly parallel to the work surface
  21. Considered the absolute TOP OF ITS CLASS, with all mechanical parts anchored to the 20/30 mm structure;
  22. Electrical panel with SIEMENS and Schneider components, a guarantee of absolute reliability;
  23. UNBEATABLE quality/price ratio;
  24. Mechanics covered by a 1 to 5 year guarantee;
  25. Pioneering technology with more than 30 years’ direct experience in woodworking machines.”