Multi blade circular saw /Rip Saw Edger Movable Blades “SQUALO 415”


the Multilama or Multirip Circular Saw single-shaft SQUALO 415 is a technological machine, essential in a modern sawmill to optimize the production of sawn timber.

moreover it is 2-in-1 as it can be configured as a trimming edger machine with 1 or more movable blades.

ideal for the production of strips, squares, sawn timber, profiles, trimmed boards, prisms, boards, elements for pallets.

Monoshaft Multiblade saw mod.“PIRANHA 415 E – LM”
Electromechanical or with Movable Blades
Toothed-belt or roller Width mm 420
infeed / outfeed rollers conveyors width mm 420 / 520
Max group sawswidth mm 390
Maximum cutting height MULTIBLADE mm 150 (125 mm as edger/LM)
Min. working length mm 800
Max. through mm 850
blade’s shaft diameter mm 80
Max circular blades diameter mm 470 (480 mm as edger/LM)
Blade’s hole diameter mm 80
Blade’s shaft speed Rpm 3800
Working speed with ROLLERS mt./min 3-36
working speed with toothed-belt mt./min 4-25

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