Monoshaft Multiblade circular saw PIRANHA 310


Monoshaft Multiblade circular saw Piranha 310: a little big discovery!


the Monoshaft Multiblade circular saw Piranha 310 is the smallest of the category. With a maximum working width of 300mm and a height of 100mm, it can reach a maximum working height of 120mm, with the optional kit available. Small, yes, but an excellent ally in a modern sawmill to optimize the production of sawn timber, strips, squares, profiles, edged boards, prisms, tablets, elements for pallets.


Description Details
Toothed-belt width mm 320
Max saw group width mm 300
Max cut height mm mm 100
Max cut height (optional kit 312) mm 120
Min. Workpiece length mm 600
Max width mm mm 650
Saw spindle diameter mm 60
Blades max diameter (360 mm with kit 312) mm 350
Saw hole diameter mm 80
Working speed mt/min 4-26
Weight 2.300 – 2.500 Kg
Overall dimensions mm 1670x1750x1500


Compatible and combinable with our products (such as the pneumatic roller conveyor), the Monoshaft Multiblade circular saw Piranha 310 is ready for your challenges!


Some reasons to choose our Multiblades:


  • from the smallest to the largest, all our machines are designed with advanced, innovative and technological construction systems;
  • special carpet in ductile iron with a new design and easy to maintain;
  • Floor interrupted in the cutting area, to avoid cutting it, since it remains one of the most expensive parts of the machine;
  • feed with special rollers to work at high speeds;
  • no “witness” with the cut on the Bi-tree;
  • total operator safety as there are no metal-metal collision points between the introducer and the belt, and has 2 splinter guard barriers and 2 backstop barriers according to the latest directives;
  • Top of the class for silence: it has a system where the motor is anchored that absorbs the inertia of the same; A perfect workmanship guarantees a non-welded structure, but pinned and bolted, anti-deformation: practically a do-it-yourself, with total elasticity, absorbing all work stresses and vibrations;
  • All mechanical parts are easily accessible for simple and convenient maintenance;
  • Rich control panel for easy and safe work;


And also:


  • Ammeters in sight for motor absorption control;
  • Inverter to prevent the wood-blade ratio from being exaggerated, without causing any damage, safeguarding the transmission components;
  • Special steel shaft, centesimal ground, with balancing of the same at 4,000 revolutions;
  • Large diameter blade holder shaft to avoid stresses of the same;
  • Hard aluminum spacer rings to avoid rust formation in the case of wet wood processing, in addition to the supply of very low thickness steel rings for sharpening correction;
  • Special high precision ring nut, unscrewing, and special key for easy opening;
  • Independent presser with structure anchored on two chromed stems for easy and precise handling by means of trapezoidal screws and thick nuts, protected by dust caps and wood splinters;
  • Perfect parallelism of the pressure group on the work surface;
  • It is considered the first in its class ever, with a 20/30 mm steel structure, where all the mechanical parts are anchored;
  • Unbeatable quality / price ratio;
  • Cutting-edge technology with over 35 years of direct experience in biting We are Trademak, whoever works with our machines will never buy anything from the competition. 100% RELIABILITY and WARRANTY


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Monoshaft Multiblade circular saw Piranha 310