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High speed, high performance automatic log profiling and processing line. The cost of this ultra-flexible line can be written off in a maximum of 6-12 months with very low management costs.  It can process logs with a diameter of 100 to 350 mm to produce conical squared or parallel beams, semi-finished pallet elements and planks in general.

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Why choose our machines

We have been operating in the woodworking sector for more than 30 years

Get them to the test

Our thirty years' experience in the sector enables us to guarantee the maximum efficiency and reliability of our brand and our products, exported and appreciated throughout the world.

We assist our customers before, during and after the sale.

The right choice

thanks to our experience and the support of our specialised technicians, we can support our customers from the choice of machine to the production phase.

we design and make our products to meet our customers' specific needs.

Non-standard machinery

Not only the production of a standard line as the market wants, but also customized models based on customer needs.

We offer products which are different for reliability and design

Unique machines

Our products are reliable, thanks both to our vast experience in the field and the use of latest generation technology and pioneering designs which do not pass unnoticed.

We base our work on innovation and research

Innovate or die

our technical team keep constantly up-to-date with the latest technologies in the sector, allowing them to propose advanced cutting-edge machines which leave the competition behind.

Italian products 100%

We are the story

Made-in-Italy TradeMak is considered a synonym of absolute quality and reliability throughout the world.

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LIGNA 2017 – A new protagonist for carpenters and palletizers: Trademak with Mammut profiling line

Il team Trademak con a capo l’Ing. Enzo De Luca  Una prima apparizione a Ligna 2017 di grande successo per il Mammut , la nuova linea di profilatura tronchi che intende rivoluzionare le produzioni di resinosi. La curiosità generata dalle linee pulite e compresse per una produzione veloce e sostenuta di 50m3 /ora in tavolame…

MAMMUT : La nuova linea di profilatura tronchi di Trademak in anteprima a LIGNA 2017

Nuova Linea automatica di profilatura e lavorazione del tronco ad alta velocità ed alto rendimento. Impianto molto versatile con un costo ammortizzabile in 6-12 mesi massimo, e con bassissimi oneri di gestione. Lavora tronchi da 100 a 350 mm di diametro e può produrre travatura uso Trieste ed uso Fiume nonché semilavorati per la produzione di pallets e tavolame in genere. Testata per raggiungere una…